When Squarespace Hates You

There is nothing like sitting down to your computer, ideas swirling all around. Slowly raising a warm cup of coffee to your eager lips, taking a sip of that godly nectar, and then going to your website to start the days blog post. Its so awesome. Especially when your website admin login won't work because there is something wrong with squarespace.com, and you just keep getting error messages. All. Day. 

Yesterdays blog post was not skipped intentionally. Every-time me or my wife tried to log into our respective pages, it was error message city. Thankfully squarespace seams to have their shit together again today, so here we are. 

To go nicely with the website issue, yesterdays workout was pretty shitty as well. Strength was meh, motivation was just not there, and I ended up leaving feeling worse than I did when I got there. But hey, I still got it in. Good or bad, I got something in. And even though I left feeling shitty about it, I still got it innnn. 

I don't think that I will be going to the gym today, mostly because I generally don't go on the weekends, even if I miss a workout during the week. That's not to say I never do, but it is pretty rare. 

I am also having some strange, freaking horrible pain in my right pec. It literally just started when I sat down to write this, and random phantom stabbings that I am apparently receiving are making this already late blog take twice as long.

I don't feel like its something that I should be too concerned with, mostly because its not pain near the surgery site. But my entire right pec was re-contoured, so I guess the entire right pec was technically the surgery site. 

Either way, my early assessment is that it is simply from cartilage getting broken up from my last chest day. Sort of clearing out growth in places that haven't been worked too hard, if you will. Or possibly some minor tearing. Either way, no cause for alarm, yet.

Yesterday was day 13 of my Lucky Charms challenge, so if you missed it check it our right HERE!

Yesterdays MyFitnesspal is a little bit jacked up, but I will just tell you what else I had. On top of what is listed I also had an IPA (the name escapes me), some Jameson, some more chicken breast, two Chocolate Twinkies, and some more milk. I ended right around 4,000 cals. 

I thought of a new idea for a YouTube project yesterday, so be sure to go check it out and let me know what you think. I am bouncing around a couple of ideas, so your feedback on this one would be awesome. HERE is the video. 

Anddddddd here is some food pornnnn.

This was, brunch. Two servings of hash browns, a whole egg, and 4 servings of egg beaters. And ketchup, obviously. I have been eating this almost everyday lately (this was the first time I used egg beaters, and bleh, they do not enhance the experience). Other than the egg beaters, this shit is soooooo fucking delicious. 

This was dinner, and it is one of my only claims to culinary fame. I have spent many years honing my fried rice cooking prowess, and I have recently gotten my magic really dialed in. 

I used jasmine rice, onions, eggs, soy sauce, sesame oil, olive oil, seasoned salt, and butter. All of the fat, especially the sesame oil, is key to getting a lot of flavor in there. Cooking the rice for a long time, in the pan, after it is already cooked normally is very important as well. You want the rice to start getting pretty dry, or you will just have soggy, strange tasting fried rice. 

I topped it with Yum Yum sauce and Sriracha. 

I need to do a little video about the Chocolate Twinkies, now that I got some more and kept them safe from Kourtney's devouring grasp long enough to try them myself. In case you are considering getting some ASAP, let me save you some mental time with this short review.... BUY THEM. They aren't going to change your life, one taste bud at a time or anything. But fuck, they are pretty damn delicious. 

That about does it for yesterday. And nothing extraordinary happened the day before that I wasn't able to tell you about with the missed blog, so fret not.

Be sure to stop by tonight around 7pm Mountain Time for the Lucky Charms stream!   

And until next time, 

Eat Dirty My Friends