How much weight did I actually gain on Thanksgiving?

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
— Mick Jagger

If you were wondering how I felt about the inevitable holiday binge fest, this quote sums it up quite nicely.

Personally, I have two holidays a year where it would make me miserable to try to stick to any form of calorie restriction. Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So I don’t.

The amount of real weight you will gain off of one, or even two days of holiday madness is extremely small. You might look like you have gained 48lbs, but 47.5 of that is just water weight.

So if you are feeling guilty as hell for eating like an animal yesterday, stop it. Just get things back on track ASAP, and by this time next week you will be looking better than you did before the anarchy.

I didn’t get many pictures of my food, but this was most of it. By most of it I mean most of what we had, not most of what I actually ate, lol.

We didn’t have any fantastic desserts, so I didn’t get any pics of that.


If you aren’t about that roll sandwich life, you don’t know how to Thanksgiving.

No gym yesterday, because Kourtney would have killed me. But we should be going today.

Thats it for now, so thanks for stopping by.

And as always,

Eat dirty my friends