The only good pumpkin ice cream

I was always a junk food person, still am.
— Dolly Parton

It was 12:40pm when Kourtneys normally non-infuriating voice woke me up from my 8 1/2 minutes of sleep. My eyes and body silently screamed in agony at the though of getting up and going to the gym. Yesterdays lack of motivation was simply laziness, but todays was the more normal fight against my body’s need for a halfway reasonable amount of sleep.

But I work nights, and very long hours. So its either settle for 2 1/2-4 hours of sleep most nights, or never workout. Obviously I made the choice a while ago to forgo the sleep.

As I grumpily struggled out of bed, all I could think about was how I couldn’t possible have enough energy to have a halfway decent workout. Especially since it was leg day. And being close to a week into a cut made it twice as bad.

But, like almost always, I angrily pushed through. But once the pre-workout was down, things become a lot easier.



Breakfast, which is always before going to sleep, was the usual 3 whole eggs, 3 servings of egg whites, 10g of shredded cheddar and 16g of Greek cream cheese with a slice of toast and pepper jelly.

But I also had three of these chocolate chip muffins. Because starving. I actually had one before going to sleep, and then woke up twice, having another one both times.

Looking back at my food from yesterday it is saying that I also had two servings of Trix, and one serving of Rice Crispy Treats cereal, but I don’t remember eating any of them… Maybe the Rice Krispies. Now I am really confused, wtf.

I usually have a serving of cereal right before the gym. I down the pre workout, have some cereal, and go to the gym. But I definitely don’t remember having 3. Fitting those in and the three muffins doesn’t seam like something I did. Sooo I might have actually been under cals yesterday, who fucking knows.

Either way, the rest of the days food was quite boring. I had some cottage cheese with grapes, two protein bars, one Twizzler, and some BCAAs. So fun.

Those BSN protein bars are pretty damn good though. Still a protein bar, but pretty good. The peanut butter one is my favorite.


So, those Cheetos… I have been CRAVING Cheetos for days now because because of this one damn picture of Dana in this Black Friday blog post… I almost said damn my macros and went low on protein. Almost… Had the bag entered into Myfitnesspal and everything. But I decided screw it, I already had 72 muffins and apparently a fair amount of cereal, and opted for those two bars instead.

As for the soda, Walmart had Pepsi on sale for like $2.58 a 12 pack, so of course we stocked up. And that really isn’t even that much for us when we stock up, lol.

Andddd the ice cream. Its hard to find a good pumpkin ice cream, but this Ben & Jerry’s yearly release is amazingggg. So I always have to get a few pints. But I am still on the hunt for my absolute favorite seasonal flavor, egg nog. I don’t think they have one though, which is quite tragic.


The gym… Remember when I said not to expect epic weights to be thrown around in here? Well, now that I am actually feeling this cut, things are going to just keep getting sadder, and sadder. Today was the first day where I really felt the lack of calories, and strength and endurance, and overall motivation took a NOSE DIVE. God. Awful. But again, I went. And right now the main goal is losing the fat, and maintaining what I can. But fat, thats the goal here.

  • Barbell Squat

    • 135 lb x 6 reps

    • 135 lb x 6 reps

    • 225 lb x 10 reps

    • 225 lb x 10 reps

  • Seated Leg Curl

    • 200 lb x 20 reps

    • 200 lb x 16 reps

    • 200 lb x 18 reps

    • 180 lb x 20 reps

  • Leg Extensions

    • 225 lb x 20 reps

    • 225 lb x 18 reps

    • 225 lb x 14 reps

    • 225 lb x 12 reps

    • 205 lb x 12 reps

  • EZ-Bar Curl

    • 40 lb x 14 reps

    • 50 lb x 12 reps

    • 50 lb x 12 reps

    • 70 lb x 20 reps

    • 70 lb x 10 reps

  • Dumbbell Bicep Curl

    • 40 lb x 12 reps

    • 40 lb x 12 reps

    • 35 lb x 12 reps

  • Triceps Pushdown

    • 100 lb x 21 reps

    • 110 lb x 20 reps

    • 120 lb x 22 reps

    • 135 lb x 22 reps

    • 150 lb x 22 reps

    • 165 lb x 14 reps

  • Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension

    • 25 lb x 12 reps

    • 25 lb x 12 reps

    • 25 lb x 13 reps

    • 25 lb x 10 reps

I had to zoom in a good bit on these leg shots, so forgive the distortion. But heres where we are at leg wise.

I have had what feels like a slight tear on my left quad for like, two months. I never stopped doing legs, but what I have been doing is pretty damn low/short compared to usual. But thankfully I have been able to keep the losses to a minimum so far. It doesn’t seam like anything that won’t heal on its own, but it’s being a slow bitch to heal.


As the workout progressed I started getting a little bit more energy, but we were pressed for time. So tired, weak, and unmotivated or not, this was all we could have done either way.

After that it was just the quick trip to Walmart, and then off to work.

And now its time to get ready for the gym again… But today is chest day, and we should have our full two hours to lift. So fingers crossed for a much better workout today.

Thanks for stopping by.

And as always,

Eat dirty my friends