Making Trix Great Again

It’s never overreacting to ask for what you want and need.
— Amy Poehler

No statement can better describe my feelings towards what recently happened to Trix. If you are new here, you probably don’t know how much I truly love cereal. But let me tell you, I need it in my life more than any other type of food. Yes, even more than ice cream.

You see, cereal should be everyones secret weight loss/gain/maintenance weapon. Specifically sugary “kids” cereals like Trix, Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, etc., because of how supremely low calorie they are. One serving of these cereals is between 100-120 calories, so even fitting a few in is generally no problem. And since they are basically just dessert, they are a fantastic way to satisfy a sweet craving without going off the deep end. AND, they are all basically zero fat. Not that fat is bad, but I like to keep fat on the low end, with carbs and protein much, much higher. So pure carb sources like these are a lifesaver.

Basically, kids cereals are the best food ever created.

Sooooo, when I heard that Trix was bringing back their original shapes, I was speechless. Not only for the nostalgia factor, which is very strong. But also because those little spheres just never tasted quite the same. Mind, trix, are a bitch.

Just look at how beautiful they are… Why or how anyone could have ever killed these fruity masterpieces is beyond me.


These plus the exact same egg/toast combo was breakfast this morning. Then I had another serving of Trix for lunch, along with a serving of Lucky Charms.

Like I said, I eat a lot of cereal.

The bulk of lunch was this pretty small ham/turkey sandwich, and two servings of Greek yogurt


I guess you could count the rest of my food as lunch as well, because I basically just never stopped eating. And yes, I ate the entire pint of this fro yo.


This Pro Yo ice cream has been sitting in our freezer for months. Kourtney bought it against my better judgement, and then never wanted to try any of it. Well, I was starvinggggg today, but didn’t want to fuck up my macros. So I decided to give it as shot. SHOCKINGLY, it was really good. It was a few steps above any chocolate varieties of Halo Top I have tried. Although they do have a few pretty baller flavors, but that is a post for another time.

I can’t remember how much this almost pint was, but if its nothing crazy I will for sure be getting more of it.

As far as these bars go, they aren’t bad. Not nearly as good as the frozen yogurt, but not bad. They are MRE Bars from Redcon1, and I have tried a handful of the flavors. So far none of them are terrible. They are definitely still a protein bar, but for the calories and protein content (260 cals, 20g protein) they are easy to eat.

The rest of my days food will probably just be 5 servings of BCAAs and another serving of cereal.

A lot of people will talk a lot of shit about BCAAs, and I completely understand where they are coming from. The problem is that most people do not count them towards their daily calories, so you are actually hurting your weight loss, if they are incorporated into that type of plan. For whatever reason companies are not only not required to, but from what I understand, not even ALLOWED to list calories for them. But 1g of BCAAs is around 5.3 calories (give or take .something). Thats not a ton, but if you are having a handful of servings of them everyday, those extra cals can add up very quickly.

Another issue is that most people do not add them to their daily protein goal. So if your goal is on point, and is say 225g of protein a day, and you hit this using other means… Well, adding some BCAAs isn’t doing you any good. And they are not cheap.


If you add the calories, and count the protein, and don’t mind the cost, they can be great. I personally started using them daily quite recently. And its because I can’t drink whey protein, or any other type I have tried anymore. I think its because of the three ulcers I was recently diagnosed with (and no, they are not diet related). When I drink protein powder I get super sick, instantly. So for me, BCAAs make getting a low calorie protein source without eating a million gallons of yogurt and cottage cheese everyday possible.

But enough about food…


Today was one of those days where I was NOT feeling the gym. I just wanted to lay around and do absolutely nothing. And I work later, so getting some rest and going in the evening wasn’t an option.

This was the struggle, right here…



But, I did it. I took this ultra flattering picture, haha, and got the fuck up, took my pre-workout, and went to the damn gym.

The workout itself was pretty underwhelming, but I got one in. Thats what matters. Especially for me, since I can get derailed pretty damn easily if I miss a handful of days. Just going and doing something makes a massive difference.

Today was supposed to be leg day, but kids care isn’t open at our gym on Sundays, so Kourtney can never go with me. And the main thing she wants to really work on is legs, so I skipped ahead and just did chest today. But it was a pretty short chest workout, so I will probably be doing it in its proper place next week, in two days.

  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

    • 35 lb x 12 reps

    • 35 lb x 16 reps

    • 35 lb x 14 reps

    • 100 lb x 11 reps

    • 100 lb x 8 reps

    • 70 lb x 22 reps

    • 70 lb x 14 reps

  • Dumbbell Bench Press

    • 70 lb x 21 reps

    • 70 lb x 12 reps

    • 70 lb x 12 reps

  • Dumbbell Flyes

    • 45 lb x 10 reps

    • 45 lb x 10 reps

    • 45 lb x 10 reps

Like I said, super short and I went really easy. Basically just putting some work in with the goal of being fully recovered in two days. So pretty much cardio.

But I feel so much better from it. Like I said, just doing SOMETHING is huge. Most of this fitness thing is mental. Sticking with it is the hardest part. Everything else will fall into place with smart research and proper training. I.E. doing your best to sort through the mountains of diet bullshit, and not being an idiot and injuring yourself constantly in the gym. BRB pretending I haven’t had two major pec surgeries. But I learned the hard way. Don’t be like the old me.

That about does it for today.

Now its time to go eat a little bit more cereal.

Thanks for stopping by, and as always…

Eat dirty my friends

ANDDDDD I had the bowl of cereal all ready to go, opened the refrigerator, reached for the milk, and saw this beautiful can of Mountain Dew Baja Blast staring back at me.

So, the cereal was poured back in the box, and the glorious nectar of the gods took its place.