I should have put the chicken in my cereal...

Food is fuel, not therapy.
— Author unknown

Unless we are talking about literal stomach therapy… Otherwise, wise, wise words.

Soooo today… What to say about today (yesterday)…

So, if you have been reading all of the new blogs you will probably remember me briefly talking about having 3 ulcers. Again, unrelated to diet in any way, so I’m told.

Unfortunately, they still greatly impact what and how much food I can eat. And yesterday was a fun one…

Lets jump right into lunch. We got back from the gym, which was awful because cutting makes the gym awful for me very quickly. But as usual, the pre workout/cereal combination helped as much as it could.


But more on the workout in a moment.

So we get home from the gym, and I am starving. I had planned on having 18oz of chicken with some rice, awesome I know. But the pot I make rice in was in the dishwasher. So I decided I could mix the chicken with some soup. And I don’t even really like soup. But there weren’t many options for using that chicken breast I really needed the protein from.

So I put the soup on in a really big pot, which in hindsight I could have cooked the rice in, fml. And then chopped the chicken and up and added it to the soup.


I don’t know why I thought this would be even good, but I did. And it was NOT.

There was way too much chicken for the soup to handle, which gave it a very strange flavor. So against my better judgement, I added a little bit of hot sauce.

Now, before these ulcers I was alllll about hot stuff. Had been my entire life. Some might have even described my love for all things hot as borderline obsessive. So this whole, even eating a jalapeno ruins my life thing, is very hard to get used to.

That being said, I added a very small amount of not even very hot hot sauce to this, concoction. Anddddd that a mistake.

I might as well have dove my hand straight into my stomach, ripped my fingers violently through my abdominal wall, and then poured hot sauce straight on those bitches. Dumb.

This lead to me spending the rest of the night eating all kinds of shit just to stop the stomach pain. So, I wen’t a good bit over on calories. I didn’t track any of them, but it was a fair amount.

But I’m not worried about it at all. The MAIN goal is to cut for a month or two, but the secondary goal (yes I do make primary and secondary goals for most cuts lol) is to simply keep from going over 200lbs until I am ready to bulk again.

I will touch on it more in a later post, but for the past couple months I have been basically eating however I want for a week or two, and then doing mini, couple day cuts to get rid of a small amount of fat and the bloat, which is what most of it is when you don’t go insane. Doing this has kept my weight between 198-205 pretty easily.

As far as the long cut, I keep testing the waters to see if I am ready for that commitment. And as of right now, I am leaning towards doing another mini cut a couple days after Thanksgiving, and then doing another couple month long bulk. But we will see.

But, enough about that for now. Here is the food that I did track yesterday. And yes, I did fit an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s into my daily calorie/macro allowance. If it weren’t for the hot sauce, the day would have been spot on.


I am going to have to exclude much about the gym today, simply because I am almost out of time to write this. I will stick to the normal format as much as possible, but some days will have to be abbreviated if things get crazy.

But like I said, the gym was bleh. Strength and endurance just aren’t a thing once I get about a week into a cut.

Other than that, thanks for stopping by.

And as always,

Eat dirty my friends