Ahhh Saturday mornings. A time for relaxation. A time for laziness. A time to just, take your time. That about sums up my day yesterday. Since I usually take the weekends off from the gym, I didn't work out, or really go anywhere. The only time I even left the house was when I went out to get dinner, which was KFC/Taco Bell. I also picked up a 6 pack of my favorite beer. 

If you are an IPA fan, I highly recommend trying this beer, as well as their regular IPA and Maximus. I realize that this is not an IPA, but a lot of Red Ales are very hoppy, so its pretty damn close. This beer is the perfect combination of hops, and malt, and simply an insane amount of flavor. GET IT. 

Despite being excited about getting my favorite beer, I completely forgot to drink any of it... I did have some Jack though, so at least the night wasn't alcohol free. 

I did a terrible job with entering everything into MyFitnesspal yesterday, but I did end a little bit under my 4,000 cal goal. This was the chicken fried rice that I made the day before, which I had as a little late night snack. 

Being Sunday, today is a day off from the gym as well, thankfully... I have way too much crap to do today, that I am not looking forward to at alllll. 

Tonight should be sweet, though. It is Kourtney's birthday, and fathers day, obviously. And since her sister and brother in law are visiting us, we actually have babysitters and are going out to dinner. Having three kids makes going out an extremely rare occasion, so I am pretty pumped. 

We are going to a local brewery (I think it is actually a chain) called Rock Bottom Brewery. It looks pretty good, soooo we will see. I am pretty sure that I will be getting a burger and then trying a dessert. They have a freaking Mason Jar Bourbon Pecan Pie and a Key Lime Pie, which both sound amazing. How to choose... 

But that's really it for today. And as always, 

Eat Dirty My Friends