That Fitness Grind

It's not often that I wake up feeling renewed, energized, and ready take on a new day. I don't roll out of bed at 5am with a fist-full of fucks and a mind full of razors. No, I generally wake up angry and confused. Head cloudy, eyes barely able to struggle through the pain of prying my uncooperative eyelids open for more than a few hate filled seconds at a time. Despite the fact that I wake up early every other day, I am not, I repeat, NOT a god damn morning person. 

You see, me and Kourtney (that's the wife, in case you are new here) take turns getting up in the morning with the kids. And our youngest, Baerd, generally wakes up between 5-6am, every, fuckin, day. So, one of us gets to sleep in until around 9, blissfully ignorant to the carnage happening but a room away, while the other has the pleasure of making breakfast, changing diapers, and pretending that they don't want to burn the entire world down around them. 

That is our normal routine, and it works. One good night of sleep every other night really is not all that bad. Thankfully today was my day to sleep in, although I don't feel any more rested than I would have on my early morning. But whatever. That's what coffee is for. 

Yesterday was pretty uneventful overall. I did bump my calories up from 3,500 to 4,000, though. And more food is always amazing. Speaking for food, here is exactly what I ate. 

I have been hanging around low to mid 180lbs for the last two weeks, so I figured a jump in calories wouldn't hurt. I have also been fairly inconsistent with counting, so I know I have been eating more than 3,500 most of the time. So, if I stick to 4,000 I will actually be eating a little bit less, I think. After a week or so we will know for sure. I very well may need to bump them up a couple more times to get to a really good bulking spot. 

Yesterdays workout was shoulders/tris, and it went reallyyyyy well. Now, my numbers are still extremely sad, compared with where I have been in the past. But this is still the start of getting back my size and strength since the surgery, so its all good. Right now, progress is progress. It doesn't matter if lifts are much less than they were two years ago. What matters is that they are better than they were two week ago. 

I use Fitocracy to record my workouts, so feel free to add me on there. My username is Jaklcrow. But I will also be posting the workouts on here. So here it is! 

I had to cut it a little short because I needed to get home for dinner, but this is pretty close to what I usually do. I would normally do more sets of Arnold presses and shrugs, as well as more tri work. But it was still a really great workout. 

I take pretty long breaks in between sets, simply because I prefer that method. I like high intensity stuff for circuit training, but when I'm doing standard lifts, I want to feel pretty recovered between each set. I usually take a 2-3 minutes break. 

I failed at taking food pictures yesterday, so there are no super sweet food porn shots today. I have to resist posting all of my shots to Instagram, so that some of them are exclusive to this blog. But worry not, it won't take long for me to get into the swing of it. In the mean time, check out my Instagram! 

That's really it for yesterdays exploits. Ohh, before I forget... Every Tuesday me and one of my Army buddies are going to be doing some kind of challenge live on YouTube. Tonight we are doing the cracker challenge, and whoever loses has to take a shot of Jack Daniels. The challenge is to eat 6 Saltine's in a minute or less, and apparently it is insanely difficult to do. If I win and actually beat the time, he is going to take 8 shots of Jack, instead of one. So be sureeee to tune in! It will be around 7:30pm Mountain time. Also, be sure to subscribe to his channel, right HERE . He just started, so he needs the subs! And obviously, if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, HERE IT IS!

Well, that's all I have for now. Thanks for following along, and expect some food porn tomorrow! 

Until next time, 

Eat Dirty My Friends