An ice cream APOCALYPSE!

So today was filled, FILLED with tragedy.  Let me lay it out for you…

I wake up, do some morning shit, drink some coffee, curse the universe, the usual.  Then, I decide that even though it’s pretty early, I should go ahead and eat some ice cream.

So, I go out to the deep freeze, and grab some slow churned brownie concoction.  I close the lid, walk inside, and set the container down on the counter.  As I pick the half gallon back up, spoon now in hand I notice that my hand is sinking much deeper into the sides than it should. I give it an actually squeeze, and it’s like I’m holding a water balloon.  So I open it up, and sure enough, it was all melted. 

But I initially chalk it up to something weird happening with that one ice cream, and just eat some more of the Sno-Ball ice cream I had inside.

Then, around lunch, I go back out to get some Ben & Jerry’s, and damn it if almost every freaking thing in there is ruined!  Somehow the deep freeze stopped working sometime last night, and all but maybe 4 containers of ice cream were done.

Thankfully, the deep freeze is working again, so at least I don’t have the expense of buying a new one AND replacing a ton of ice cream.  The glass is half full.

-  Eat dirty my friends

Anthony howard-crow

Abs & Ice Cream, , CO,

Abs & Ice Cream is not simply a catchy name or cocky statement; it's about much more than that.

It's abut being free, and understanding the fact that you CAN be dedicated to fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being, and still enjoy any foods that you desire. It's about ending the stress and the pain that placing foods into categories of "good" and "bad" causes us.

But most of all, it's about our lifelong journey to find balance and happiness in everything that we do.