Why you NEED to take progress pictures.

Losing weight…  Everyone’s favorite thing to do.  It is so fun that most of us spend our entire lives doing it.  Most goals we want to achieve, and then move on.  Put it behind us.  But not weight loss.  It’s the itch that never can quite get scratched. 

Until it does.

But on that journey, there are lots of things that can make it a little easier for us.  And one of those is making sure that we keep track of our progress.  But even something as simple sounding as that.  As easy as, how is the diet going?  Am I actually losing any weight?  Am I GAINING weight now?!

These are all questions that can cause this seaming simple task, to become impossible sometimes.  If you can’t even tell that things are working, why should you keep suffering? 

One of the major reasons for this trouble is the fact that the main tool most people use is the scale.  Sometimes, very obsessively.  But waking up 3lbs heavier than the night before does not mean that you somehow ate 12000 calories in your sleep.  The scale is a great way to make sure that you are making positive, gradual progression.  Key word, GRADUAL. 

So, if the scale isn’t great, what can we do to make sure that things are going in the right direction?  Simple.  Take progress pictures, and take them often. 

I take progress pictures at least once a week.  I am taking them almost every-day during this 100 days of ice cream project.  But normally, on a non-public cut, I would just make sure to take one per week. 

Since we see ourselves every day, it is very easy to go months without being sure that we are seeing any changes.  They are just too gradual.  Sometimes you almost have to get to an obscene level of shredded-ness to finally admit to yourself that anything has happened.

But when you take pictures, and then compare day 1 to week 3, week 7, etc., it will either be undeniable that you have made great strides, or, you will know that you actually do need to make some adjustments.  Either way, it’s a win-win.

So don’t be afraid to strip down and start snappin’!  Nobody else ever needs to see them, so there is no reason to ever be embarrassed.  Don’t wait until you look “a little bit better”, take them now.  Take them at your worst, so you can remember how far you’ve come once you get to your best.

-  Eat dirty my friend