Ice cream abounds. Day 37/100.

Today was day 37/100.  Day 37!  We are less than 2 weeks away from the halfway mark, and that just sounds unbelievable to me.  Even though just eating ice cream is fairly miserable, time is still flying by.  Which is awesome, for sure.

Today wasn’t much different than most days have been, lately.  Energy levels in the gym were definitely lower than they are when I am not losing weight, but that is something I have experienced in every diet I have ever done.  Strength and endurance are slowly dropping for most things, which is also normal.  You definitely want to keep your calories high enough on a cut where your performance doesn’t take too big of a hit, but seeing some changes is normal.

I was a lot hungrier than usual, allllll day today.  It was pretty rough.  I spent quite a while staring at various “normal” foods longingly, oh so longingly.  But, fighting off cravings also comes with the territory.  No matter how restrictive your diet is.

I am waking up pretty much every day looking leaner than the last, so there is plenty of positive feedback as well, which really helps out.

As moderately normal as today was, I really hope that my hunger gets back in check by tomorrow.  Because spending hours starring at a bag of Dorito’s really doesn’t help your productivity.

-       Eat dirty my friend