Keep your training in perspective

Today’s topic came to me because I have missed a good amount of gym time lately since I have been sick.  And I know that a lot of people continue to work out, regardless.  And for those of you who “can” do it, awesome.  But for most people, I simply want to say, don’t sweat it.

It is really easy to start feeling guilty about missing workouts, when technically we don’t have to.  Are we not truly dedicated?  Is this just an excuse to be lazy?  Am I going to set myself back and lose months of hard work!?  Well, I say no, to all of the above.  As long as you aren’t actually simply using it as an excuse, that is.

The majority of us aren’t professional athletes.  Or training for the Olympics.  Most of us, even if we are “fitness professionals” are simply training because we enjoy it, and are trying to accomplish a PERSONAL goal.  So it is important to keep sight of that fact. 

You aren’t trying to close the miniscule gap between you and the competition.  Your entire life goals don’t ride on you being in the most perfect physical shape as you can possibly achieve.  The results, or lack thereof, that will come from you missing a few days, or even a week or two here and there, will be soooo miniscule that you will probably be the only person who even notices a difference.  And even the difference you notice will be 92.3% psychosis anyway. 

Having dedication and love for the gym is fantastic.  But letting it get in the way of life, and taking care of yourself is not. 

It’s all about keeping things balanced.  And a big part of that balance is keeping your life as stress-free as you can.  Even two weeks is just a tiny drop in the bucket of our lives.

- Eat dirty my friends