Don't talk yourself out of it

So we all reach a point where the diet just stops feeling “worth it”.  You stop caring about getting abs.  You stop longing to fit back into those jeans you temporarily retired years ago.  And you stop desperately wanting to be the most ripped person at the local swimming hole (like that is still a thing).  The reality of how badly a “deep” cut really sucks has fully set in, and it is time to start weighing your options, constantly. 

This is one of the most dangerous times of a diet, which has claimed countless victims and whose thirst for blood, or fat, will never be quenched.  Even those of us with infallible wills can be tempted to bend, cheat, and ultimately fail. 

Our minds start playing tricks on us.  Telling us that we never really wanted to lose the weight that badly to begin with.  That it’s probably not even healthy to lose this much weight in the first place.  We will never keep it off even if we do get there anyway; so why even bother?

There are an infinite number of excuses that we can, and do, use to talk ourselves into pretending that stopping a diet is a “good” idea.  This is why “motivation”, be it the ever so popular “how badly do you want it?”, or any of the other countless bullshit things that people love to throw around, is useless.  It doesn’t matter how badly you want something when you are deep in the weeds.  You can still quite easily talk yourself right back into your old patterns.

“Want” is useful for starting something.  Be it a diet, a career path, anything.  But want only takes you so far.  How far you ask?  The starting line.  Want gets the ball rolling.  Want identifies your goals so that you can figure out how to achieve them.  But what want does not do, is hold your hand all the way to the finish line.

I want to fight a bear with nothing but a small knife.  I want to fight in the UFC.  I want to learn how to play the guitar.  I want to know how to speak German and Russian.  And I really want to star in the next Tarantino film.  But am I going to do any of these things?  Probably not.  Although I will always hold out hope for the Tarantino thing. 

We want tons and tons of different things.  And we add and take away from this list daily.  So what we really need to be focusing on is not what we want, but on what we need. 

Now, “need” can also be a very, questionable, word.  But for this, need is simply referring to anything that we said we were going to do.  Following through with things is extremely important, and is what truly sets people apart in life.  And believe me, I am not preaching to you from some high mountain.  I have failed to follow through with countless things in my life.  That is one of the major reasons I understand how truly important it is to do.

So, instead of looking at your diet as simply something that you want, which can be taken off that list just as easily as it was jotted on to it, look at it as something you NEED to do.  Commit to it before you even start it.  Don’t “try” to lose weight.  Lose weight.  Take it off of that list of dreams and put it smack dab in the middle of your list of responsibilities.  Look at it the same way you look at your duty to take your kids to soccer practice.  This is important, people are counting on you (being able to depend on yourself is just as important as others being able to depend on you), so don’t bitch out. 

Looking at things in this fashion has helped me to get through some truly awful shit, diets included.  When you take quitting completely off the table it allows you to simply focus on the now. 

It’s ok to feel like dog shit.  It’s ok to have days where you hate everyone around you.  It’s going to happen.  Just go into it knowing that it will be hard, and that’s ok.

This isn’t something that you should be pep-talking your way through.  This is a responsibility that you should be following through with because you are a fucking adult, and you need to do adult shit. 

- Eat dirty my friends