A boring picture of tragedy

I had been putting it off.  I was truly dreading doing it, even though I knew that I had no choice.  We needed to be able to use the freezer, and it simply could not become a burial ground for all of the ice cream that we lost, mere days ago.

No, it had to be done.  I had to grab a trash bag, and one by one place the lifeless bodies, er, containers, of ice cream one by one inside of it.  I had to throw them away.

After an emotional farewell, I slowly walked to the dumpster, and ever so gingerly hoisted the very full trash bag inside.  As I began to walk away I paused, briefly, and somehow managed to fight back the urge to turn around and rip open that bag to embrace them one last time.  But I remained strong, only allowing one lonely tear to run slowly down my bearded cheek, and then fall somberly to the hard, heartless ground.

Then I opened my eyes, and walked away.  The memory of my delicious friends untimely deaths forever burned into my mind. 

- Eat dirty my friends