Prepare to be disapointed...

So you’re finally ready.  You have been slamming protein shakes and guilt free Five Guys Cheeseburgers for almost a year now, and you are feeling STACKED.  You’re huge.  You know it. That guy over there knows, and so does his girlfriend.  The only thing left to do now, is cut…

Now, let me back up a little bit before we get too deep into this.  Obviously in MOST cases, this is an example of what guys go through.  Even when a girl’s goal is to add a substantial amount of muscle, they generally don’t dive nearly as headlong into dirty bulking as guys do.  We have a tendency to make every excuse under the sun as to why it’s ok to eat three orders of cheese fries and a key lime pie, even though we just had three pizzas.  The more the better, right?!

I know, I know, some girls do it too.  But what are the numbers?  1 girl to every 500 guys, MAYBE??  And this is a good thing.  All in all, this is not a very enjoyable way to live our gym lives.  

That being said, this can still apply to everyone! 

Ok, so back to it…

It’s time to cut.  Time to get rid of that pesky fat that kept you warm at night for all those months (or years, whatever, I’m not judging).  So now you get to it.

As time goes by, you start seeing results, and you’re feeling good.  In no time you are going to look just like Gregg Plitt, or Jamie Eason, or Dana Linn Bailey, whoever. 

But then, reality starts to creep in...  Ever so slowly that sneaky little bitch starts to slide its way from your subconscious into the full light of day.

You aren’t going to be 195lbs at 5% body fat, or 135lbs at 12% if you are of the lady persuasion.  Not even close.  You will be lucky to be within 20lbs of that when things are all said and done.

That fake muscle, IE, fat, sure does play some dirty games.  As big and strong as you felt, you just keep watching the pounds fall off and yet your abs don’t seem to be showing nearly as quickly as they were supposed to. 

Now, here comes the second guessing.  Should I really be cutting?  Should I have waited another 6 months?  Is it too late to start the bulk again?  I don’t mind being a little bit fluffy anyway.  Fuck it.

And so the cycle begins.  Now you are two months into the resurrected bulk, and suddenly you realize that you really do mind looking down at that pudge every-day.  You do want to see striations in your shoulders.  You do deserve to have abs!  Bring on the cut!

And so on, and so on, into eternity…

This is a trap that is all too common, and if you have been lifting for very long, you have probably fallen victim to it more than once or twice.  I know that I have.

It can be very difficult to realistically visualize how we will look once we get as lean as we are wanting to.  Our bodies are big places.  All of that weight isn’t just covering our abs.  We can lose a lot of fat from places that we hardly ever even see.

So, it can be very disheartening to realize that you are no longer going to be 200+ lbs, or even 180+ by the time a cut is over.  If you hold on to that fat, you won’t look that bad.  People can tell you lift.  And you are a big dude.  But if you get ripped, you’re going to have to admit that you aren’t actually huge.  It makes you put all of your cards on the table.  No fake gains need apply.  This is what you earned, nothing more, nothing less.  And that can be really hard to do.

But believe me, it is better to follow a cut all the way down that rabbit hole of disappointment then to hand yourself over to the endless half diet, half bulk loop.  You will still look pretty damn awesome when you get down into the single digits, even if your arms are a little loose in that medium t-shirt. 

- Eat dirty my friends