The hardest part.

So I think the saying goes, "Starting anything is the hardest part", or some painfully similar variation of that. Either way, I am sure that in your years on this silly planet you have heard it.  Yes? Sweet.  

Personally, I don't think that is true at all. Actually, I believe quite the opposite. Sure, it can be scary to jump headfirst into unexplored waters, I get it. Hell, I wont jump into anyyyy real waters, save a swimming pool, so I feel your apprehension.  But once you finally take that leap, it's a quick, sudden, instantaneous, pain.  But that's all it is. Now it's over. You did it! 

So, now comes the easy part. But wait... Now what do I do?  Why isn't it working?  How am I supposed to keep doing this when obviously it doesn't even matter?  Do I even matter!?

These are questions that are probably all too familiar to most of us. We have all started something that we realllyyyy wanted to work out.  We have all burned with our entire being, unhealthily focused on something.  And we have all watched those same dreams get forced to their knees, helpless to stop the inexorable blade from separating us from each other, forever.  

Now, you tell me what is harder; taking that terrifying but exhilarating plunge, or agonizing over the failures, the unknown, the general indifference most people show, and the sheer difficulty of building something of your own. 

In my opinion, the hardest part is putting yourself out there and being met with nothing.  What is worse than putting your blood and sweat into something that you are indescribably excited about sharing with the world, only to have hardly anyone care, or even pay attention to it?  That is what makes people quit.  Because then you are forced to examine yourself, and you start to wonder if your idea really is all that great.  Then you start thinking that maybe the entire thing was a waste of time.

It's these feelings that you must fight the long fight against.  This is the hardest part of creating something.  A step is easy.  But unwavering confidence...that is what requires true resolve.